End of Summer 2020

“Things falling apart is a kind of testing
and also a kind of healing”

-Pema Chodron


Things have been falling apart and with this comes an opportunity for collective healing, positive change and meaningful transformation. This falling away, allows for greater illumination, clearer vision and elevated consciences towards a superior path forward.

Can we realize ourselves as cooperative, connected web of beings that seek to serve each other and our collective world – not only just for ourselves and personal gains?

The breaking apart of systems and beliefs that no longer serve our nation and people can be the very catalyst for creating a more sustainable and caring society that is inclusive and empowering for all citizens.

We are facing environmental devastation, political upheaval, racial injustice, economic and health crises that are threatening our very existence on this planet.


It is apparent with the emergence of this pandemic that collective well-being is contingent upon the health of our entire globe. We cannot be free of disease as long as we neglect the health of our environment, our personal heath, underserved communities, cruelty to animal and wildlife or benefit from a world economy that ravages the earth and its inhabitants.


As Joni Mitchell sang–

“We are stardust, we are golden and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden”


Chinese medicine is based on the philosophy that we are of nature and intrinsically tied to the natural world. To live well, is to live in harmony and balance with the season, and the rhythms and patterns that connects all things with each other. What is good for the health of our body and mind is to promote and cultivate the well-being of the whole, the earth and all of life. We then can all flourish – unified and connected.


The world is like a garden. The garden is nature –
the living earth, the human person, the
biosphere, the circle of all life.
When people are like gardens, then doctors are like gardeners.
The role of the Chinese doctor is to cultivate life.”

~ Between Heaven and Earth


During this pause, I left NYC and sheltered in place with my husband, in our upstate home where we have lived for over 30 years as our respite from city life. Cultivating and tending to my garden became my way of coping and dealing with the devastating suffering, deaths and collapse of our vibrate city and later effecting the rest of the country.

As I reopened my practice in June, I started thinking of myself as a gardener – cultivating and tending to the health and well-being of all my patients. TCM is like water and sunlight supporting and optimizing health for each one of you to reach your greatest potential.
As one of my mentors said to me “When you heal – I heal”.

This resonating philosophy is a guiding force for how I move forward in my practice. I will be part of the healing process and I will lead with an open heart, full of hope and light for us all during these times uncertainty and darkness.

Traditional Chinese Medicine can be part of the solution, supporting with the healing process of the body, mind and spirit.  This ancient medicine encourages and gently reminds the body and mind of the innate ability for self-healing.  This powerful medicine has been used for over 2,000 years to restore and renew the human body and spirit.
At Parris Wellness, we can address and treat many of your health and wellness concerns.

Immune health is a big topic these days with the looming pandemic that never seems to end.
TCM can be helpful in keeping the immune system robust in fighting the Covid-19 virus as well as supporting the recovery phase and the often-lingering side effects from the virus. We are now hearing about the “long haulers” that will need support to fully recovery from this viral invasion.

Enjoy these two articles that illustrate the effectiveness of acupuncture and herbs for combating the virus. Article #1 and  #2.

Mental health is a concern for all of us living with fear, uncertainties during these unprecedented times. We can help restore and balance the nervous system to help ease the discomfort.

Musculoskeletal health care has been a chief complaint with many of my patents. Working from home, lack of exercise, stress and tension causes muscle pain, tightness and discomfort. TCM can be very beneficial in restoring function and ease in the musculoskeletal system.

Preventive Care is the basis of TCM. We have a saying “don’t wait to build the well until you are thirsty”.

Hormone and reproductive health are optimized with acupuncture and herbal therapy.

Sauna detox therapy can help the body detoxify as well as improve immune function. We are fully equipped to properly offer sweat therapy in a private safe treatment room.


 We are here to restore vibrate health for all that need care.
 Our number one job now is helping our patients achieve the most robust and optimal health.

Whats new at Parris Wellness?

In response to the suffering and trauma that we have all experienced in NYC, We at Parris Wellness are now offering the:

“Community Project”


Misato Uchida our associate acupuncturist and skin care expert, will offer 50 min acupuncture sessions at reduced rates to uniquely serve our community during these uncertain times. ***

This program is offered as a way to encourage more patients to seek care, particularly if finances and time are limited for now.

These treatments are based on the Nada protocol (ear acupuncture) and immune modulation therapy combining body acupuncture, moxa and gua sha, to help reduces stress and anxiety, increase immune response, and promote over all well-being.



Initially NADA acupuncture protocol was used as an effective system for helping addiction and substance misuse, the NADA protocol has since proven successful when integrated as part of a holistic health plan to support:

· Post-traumatic stress syndrome
· General stress
· Trauma recovery in communities following major catastrophes
· Mental health
· Anxiety management and panic disorder
· Aiding recovery from some prescribed medication dependency

Parris Wellness has a new website !


Making it easier for you to book your appointments and to learn more about our office and how TCM can best serve you. We now have ONLINE booking to make scheduling your appointments that much easier and seamless.

A big shout out and Thank You to Nicolas Turek for creating the beautiful PW website. If you are looking for web design, this is your guy. Click here for his info.


Please support our small businesses here in NYC. As a business owner of over 28 years, this is perhaps the toughest time that I have ever experienced. Many of my colleagues have closed their practices because of the lack of meaningful support with overhead and lost income during the city’s total shutdown during the spring /summer this year. We need our healers more now than ever and we healers need your support to return for your ongoing care. I feel honored and humbled by all of your continued trust and support that you have given to me and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Thank you.

In the face of much adversity, I have chosen to reopen my practice and to continue to offer care when my patients need it more than ever before.

You can help with purchasing gift cards for your family members or friends, coming in for treatments, scheduling tele-medicine.

Let’s come together to create a more vibrate, sustainable, healthier community and world. It’s up to each one of us to make a positive difference.

Spring 2020

These are challenging times worldwide with the novel corona virus entering our communities.


The COVID-19 Virus

These are challenging times worldwide with the novel corona virus slowly entering our communities.

There are so many unanswered questions regarding the spreading of the infection, incubation period of the virus, and severity of the possible illness.

Unknown facts can cause much uncertainty and fear.

Fear and panic can undermine a smart, level-headed approach to keeping ourselves, our families and our communities safe.


Parris Wellness is SAFE and SANITIZED

At Parris Wellness, our clinic is taking all preventative steps to ensure that treatment rooms, face cradles, countertops, door knobs, water cooler, reception area are safe and sanitized for our patients when coming in for therapy. Having impeccable hygiene is the standard of care at PW. Hand-washing before and after each patient, cleaning the rooms, sanitizing face cradles in-between each patient is the norm. You can trust that our patient’s health and well-being is our upmost concern and top priority.  Our office building at 315 Madison has stepped up cleaning procedures using disinfectant agents during the daily cleaning of the building lobbies, all public and high touch areas are cleaned multiply times throughout the day.

Let’s keep in mind the positive things that we can control and actively initiate them keep ourselves safe and stay informed from CDC.


Parris Wellness’s Strategies for Staying Well

For one, we can maintain impeccable hygiene.  Washing hands with soap and water; Cleaning high touch items and areas such as, cell phones, computer keys, door knobs, desk tops regularly; Never touching your face, mouth or eyes without washing your hands first; Staying home if not feeling well; Limiting travel for the time being; Avoiding large gatherings for the next few weeks to months.  Keep in mind good hygiene is for all times and not just during flu season. Secondly, we can bolster our immune system so if we are exposed to or contract a virus our immune response will be strong and robust to combat the intruder.                                                                                             

Keep nasal passage clean. Our nose and mouth are our natural filters, keeping out pathogens, dust, pollutants and allergens. Saline or Xlear nasal mist every other day can help clear viruses, bacteria and allergens from the nasal passages.

Self Care Recipes

Steaming the face for 10 minutes over a pot of hot water infused with several drops of essential oils such as lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus helps support respiratory health. These essential oils are safe and have anti-viral properties.


Parris Wellness Make Your Own Stay Safe Room & Body Mist

What you need:

  • 4oz Spray bottle (Blue or Amber)
  • 100% Grain Alcohol
  • Essential oils:
    + Lemon Grass 20 drops
    + Lavender 40 drops
    + Tea Tree 30 drops
    + Eucalyptus 30 drops

Mix essential oils with the alcohol!
Now you have your safe mist to spray on your scarfs, jacket collars, your room etc.

Optimizing Immunity 

*Eat 2 to 3 servings of organic fruits daily that are rich in anti-oxidants. Fill your freezer with frozen organic blueberries, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, that can be used in smoothies, cereals and yogurt. Fresh fruit is best when in season but for now I find that fresh frozen fruit can be a second best to fresh.

*Eat 4 to 6 servings of green nutrient dense organic vegetables daily; kale, spinach, collards, swiss chard, broccoli etc. Greens are one of the best ways to give our bodies the much-needed nutrients for increased immunity.

*Soups; miso, vegetable, chicken, bone broth soups are good ways of delivering high quality nutrients and hydration. Instant Pot is a great addition to have in your kitchen for quick healthy cooking.

*Hydrate with high quality water in glass and organic teas throughout the day.  Drink ½ of your body weight in oz’s of water. Example if you weight 100 lbs. you would need to drink 50 oz’s of water daily.  Mountain Valley Spring Water is a great choice.

* Sleep deeply 7 to 8 hours a night. This is our body and minds rest and repair time. Honor and hold scared your sleep. I highly recommend this book about why we sleep. It is fascinating and so educational.

Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams is a science book about sleep by the neuroscientist and sleep researcher, Matthew Walker. Walker is a professor of neuroscience and psychology and the director of the Center for Human Sleep Science at the University of California, Berkeley.

*Eliminate refined sugar, alcohol, soda, white flour and processed foods. These low nutrient foods and drink all feed viruses and this is the last thing that we want to do is feed the viruses in the body!!

Supplementing the Diet!

Anti-oxidant supplements; Pure Encapsulated and Garden Of Life are trusted brands that I often recommend to my patients.

Vitamin C 500 to 1,000 mg daily, zinc picolinate 30mg, Vitamin D 1,000 – 5,000 mg every other day are anti-oxidants that can be helpful for optimal immune function.

Adaptogens herbs and medicinal mushrooms are powerful allies for enhancing our immune system in times of stress and disease.

The herbs that our clinic relies on are; ginseng, astragalus, schisandra, & cordyceps, shitake, chaga, reishi and maitake mushrooms. Excellent brand is OM Mushrooms.

Golden Tread Plant Based Tonics are excellent premade blends.

Many of my patients are taking Chinese herbal formulas that support immune function.

One of my preferred immune enhancing formulas is the Jade Screen Formula. It has been effective in immune enhancement for over 2,000 years!

There are many effective adaptogen herbs that you can find at your local health food store as well, Wilners Chemist at 41st and Park has many excellent adaptogens formulas to choose from.

Maintaining good gut microbiome is vital for healthy immunity as well as for physical and mental well-being. Gut health refers to the balance of microorganisms that live in the digestive tract. Maintaining the right balance of the microorganism is crucial for optimal health. There are over 100 trillion of these bacteria, yeasts, and viruses that support a healthy gut while preventing gut inflammation and other intestinal issues as well as having a positive effect on immunity. Chose a daily serving of;

  • Fermented vegetables (Sauerkraut, Natto beans)
  • Kefir
  • Kimchi
  • Kombucha
  • Miso
  • Coconut living yogurt (such as COYO)

Dr. Ohhira’s is the probiotic that I recommend to take 1 pill in the evening.
And the RX immune + probiotic in the morning. IHERBS is selling them for discounts.

Acupuncture can help the body’s resilience in fighting viruses and pathogens. Weekly acupuncture can be a powerful investment to make towards your health and wellness.

Infrared sweat has been shown to increase the immune function. Virus can’t thrive in elevated body temperatures.  We offer private infrared body wrap therapy at PW.

Stress reduction goes a long way in improving immune function. Stress and anxiety cause cortisol levels to rise, which in turn can lower immune response to disease. Mediation, breath work, yoga, community service, singing, warm baths, laughing, all can help immune function and reduce stress responses.

We are resilient people and we will get through these challenging times. Making a commitment for maintaining healthy lifestyle choices, helping others and the larger communities around makes for a better society. We need to be good citizens during these critical times.

Parris Wellness will be open for now but the situation is very fluid so I will keep you all posted if there is any change to my office hours.As long as the MTA keeps public transportation available and I am feeling 100% I will be at the office seeing patients.

Many of you know that my husband had a heart transplant last June and is at “high risk” for getting this virus. He will be living upstate at our weekend house until things are safer in NYC. Due to the fact that my health will impact the safety of my husband, I ask that my patients to not come to the office for treatment if not feeling well.

Winter 2019

Winter is the season of stillness, whispering to us to look inward, exploring our inner most self.


Chinese Medicine encourages us to live in harmony with the cycles of nature for maintaining robust health of body, mind and spirit. Winter is the most yin time of the year, directly opposed to summer, the most yang time of the cycle. Winter is still, cold, and dark in nature as contrasted to summer, which is active, warm, and bright.

Wintertime beckons us to find the stillness and to look inward, embracing the darkness and seeking deeper self-reflection.

Water is the element associated with winter, the very essence of life, the beginning of all things. Water is a feminine element, the element of subconscious, purification, intuition and mysteries of the self. We can learn from the essence of water by awakening our own divine wisdom and awareness.  This can be a time of truth seeking and finding the deeper meaning of life.  Water is love – life giving, and is flexible, adaptable, powerful and gentle.

“Always be like water. Float in the times of pain or dance like waves along the wind which touches it’s surface”- Santosh Kalwar

The yin of winter is an ideal time for inner reflexion, purification, and revitalizing your qi (life force). These are a few ways to build your yin and life force during the winter months:

  • Mediate, enjoy deep breath work, and try restorative exercise like qi gong, yoga, and tai qi — which can all help to build and restore your “health bank account.”
  • Rest more and sleep earlier and longer to reinvigorate your qi.
  • Eat warming foods like stews, root vegetables, and roasted nuts, and add warming herbs such as ginger, turmeric, garlic, and black sesame seeds to your meals.
  • Get acupuncture treatments to boost immunity and strengthen your constitution.
  • Incorporate super foods into your diet such as goji berries, chai seeds, medicinal mushrooms, and adaptogen herbs such as; panax ginseng, astragalus, nettles to restore energy and stamina.

Benefits of Goji Berries

  • Provides high levels of antioxidants and nutrients
  • Improves immune function
  • Promotes healthy glowing skin
  • Helps stabilize blood sugar
  • Detoxifies  the liver
  • Increases energy and uplifts mood
  • Enhances fertility


I would like to recommend these two easy warming Gogi Berry recipes and Chinese Herb Chicken Soup to boost the immune system.



Boost your constitution with Nettle + Goji Berry Tea Infusion Recipe 

  • Fill an 8 oz jar with:
  • 4 tablespoons of nettle leaf (or 2 tea bags)
  • 4 tablespoons of red Raspberry leaf (or 2 tea bags)
  • 2 tablespoons of Goji Berries
  • Pour boiling water over herbs in the jar.
  • Cover the jar and steep for 4 hours.
  • Strain and enjoy 1-2 cups a day.

I like “Traditional Medicinal Tea” brand which is organic.


Warm yourself with medicinal Goji Berry Infused  Vodka Recipe 

  • 3 cups organic Vodka
  • 1 cup organic goji berries
  • Soak in air tight mason jar for 1-2 weeks
  • Strain and decant in a glass bottle

Chinese Herbal Soup for Immunity

You can shop at Kamwo on Grand St in Chinatown to purchase these immune and digestive enhancing herbs. Kamwo also sells the herbal soup prepackaged if you don’t want to shop for the herbs
This Chinese herbal chicken soup recipe is good for overall well-being; improving immune and digestive function.

Slow Cooked Soup

Serves: 4


  • Organic pasture raised chicken cut into quarters.
  • Astragalus Root (Běi Qí) – 20 g   Enhances immune system
  • Codonopsis Root (Dǎng shēn) – 20 g   Enhances digestive function
  • Soloman’s Seal (Yù Zhú) – 20 g   Enhances lung function
  • Chinese Angelica Root (Dāng Guī) – 10 g  Enhances immune system and activates circulation
  • Dried Chinese Yam (Huái Shān) – 20g   Enhances digestive function
  • Dried wolfberries – 15 g   Improves immune function and increases energy
  • Dried Figs – 4   Improves digestive function
  • Dried Red Dates – 8  Improves digestive function
  • Rhizoma Ligustici (Chuan Xiong) – 5 pieces
  • 6 to 8 cups water or broth (enough liquid to cover the chicken and herbs).  A quarter cut whole chicken with the bones is best for this recipe.
  • Salt – to taste


  1. Rinse all the dried herbs (then put all herbs into a cheesecloth sachet) to be discarded after cooking. Put the dried herbs and water into a clay or stainless- steel pot and bring to a boil.
  2.  Once the water starts boiling, add the chicken parts.
  3. Lower the heat and simmer for at least 1.5 hours or 2 hours. The chicken should be tender but not falling apart.
  4. Season with salt before serving.
  5. To make a vegetarian herbal soup add firm organic sprouted tofu and root vegetables instead of chicken after the herbs have simmered for 45 mins and then cook until vegetable are tender.

Whats New In Parris Wellness!

Winter Specials

Immune Boost Sweat Therapy

– Renew and Regenerate in our PW 55 min session   –
$100 for the month of February and March. ($50 savings)


The session begins with;

  •  A full body dry skin brush to stimulate lymphatic drainage
  • Followed by lymphatic massage with organic massage oil to stimulate and enhance circulation
  •  Gentle cupping using soft silicone cups to move lymph and release tight fascia, to couture and tone the legs and buttocks.
  • Your body is now prepared  for the optimal sweat experience.
  • You are then enveloped in our infrared body wrap for 55mins of relaxation and inner reflection.
  • After the sweat you will be soothed with a hot towel and massaged with La Bonne Paris creams to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • 32 oz immune boosting herbal tea + electrolyte drink

 PW Organic Facial + Gentle Peel

– 55min session -$125 for the month of February and March -($50 savings)


Our AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) and BHA (beta hydroxy/salicylic acid) peels are the remedy for winter dry and lack luster skin. Our Facial Peels encourage cellular turnover, improve the skin’s color, clarity, tone and texture as well as stimulating new collagen and healthy skin cellular growth.  Although you won’t actually see your skin exfoliating, you’ll soon see and feel more radiant, smoother skin. Misato, our skincare expert will choose the perfect AHA peel or BHA peel for your customized skin therapy.

The session begins with;
  • Double cleanse
  • Peel
  • Extraction
  • Face massage with Gua Sha
  • Face mask