Aer + Mask Sanitizing Mist


Size 2.7 FL oz (80ml)

Inviting and invigorating.  Nature inspired mist for a clean, refreshing uplifting experience. Crafted with authentic organic ingredients providing a versatile safety shield in today’s environment.

Our inspiring, all-natural mist freshens your environment and mask. Our proprietary aromatic blend offers an innovative fix for wearing a face mask in day-to-day life. The antimicrobial properties of our blend will keep you confident and safe throughout your day. Safe for both cloth and paper mask.

Directions: Freshen facial mask with 1-3 mist then allow to dry. Freshen your surroundings throughout the day.

Versatile use

Safe for both cloth and paper face coverings.

*Makes mask wearing more enjoyable
*Mood – boosting for your surroundings; closets, shower, car, elevators
*Home lines, scarfs, coats,
*Light weight, aluminum bottle – for easy on-the-go use.

Create a fresh, clean and safe environment.


Ingredients: Ethyl alcohol (Ethanol), Spring water, Organic Essential Oils of; Ravensara (Lauraceae), Cajeput (Melaleuca), Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus), Saro (Cinnamosma fragrans), Lavender (Lavandula), Blue spruce (Picea pungens)

Contraindications: Asthmatic lung conditions.


The love story and inspiration behind Aer + Mask.

Aer + Mask was created to keep my husband safe following his miraculous heart transplant.  (Yep!)  He is 18 months out and going strong as a heart transplant warrior. Aer + Mask mist keeps him safe and confident going about his day.

Never did I imagine that I would be creating this mask for the rest of us living in a pandemic. This forward thinking mist will keep us all safe and inspired now that we are all masking up. We can all face up with a clean and refreshed mask + environment.

We are the proud parents of Arielle, now Aer. Their love and support throughout the heart transplant experience inspired the naming.

AER + MASK is a true family affair.

Love rules. This is my love bomb to my beautiful family and now to the world.Let us all be loving, courageous and kind.  We mask up because we care.

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