Reishi Mushroom Tincture


Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is known as the “mushroom of immortality”, called Ling Zhi in Chinese Herbal Medicine. It has been used medicinally for thousands of years, and is probably the most well known and beneficial medicinal mushroom.

Benefits: It is an antioxidant, an immune system enhancer and has anti-inflammatory properties. It makes a great supplement for people wanting to improve liver, heart and skin health, as well as sleep and digestion.

*Immune modulator
*Anti inflammatory
*Liver detoxer
*Mood boost
*Energy support support

Serving Size: 1 dropperful
Sublingually: 1-3 droppers full 1ml/3ml, 1 to 3 times daily
In Beverages: Add 1 – 3 droppers full each day to smoothies, tea or water.



Storage Instructions: Keep tightly sealed. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct

Ingredients: Wildcrafted Reishi, purified spring water and alcohol. The wild grown reishi was foraged from the upper delaware.  Supplies of this tincture are limited as mature, clean, intact reishi mushrooms are seasonal. Both alcohol and water extractions were used to make this tincture. This is a double extraction tincture that contains both the alcohol-soluble and water-soluble medicinal material.

Contraindications: Pregnant, breast feeding, autoimmune disorder, or pre-surgery, or active infection.

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